Smallville 7.17 Sleeper (2007, TV) – 2/10

Smallville 7.17 Sleeper (2007)

The Department of Domestic Security employ Jimmy to spy on Chloe as they attempt to work out why she keeps hacking top secret government data centres. Clark and Chloe are attempting to find Brainiac and Kara. Lex makes plans to travel to Zurich to open the box but finds surprising opposition.


These are brain cells I’m never going get back. This does have an unintentional comedy giant Jimmy Olsen head (just after Chloe leaves the apartment after the credits finish). Otherwise this is shocking television. “It is possible that the velocity of their flight created some sort of ionic displacement in the outer atmosphere.” Somebody wrote that on purpose and submitted it deliberately. A team of producers accepted it. Then poor old Allison Mack had to say it. As compensation, she does get a nice dance sequence with Aaron Ashmore. The final scene does not bode well for the story arc over the next three episodes.

This Smallville episode contains violence, unpleasant scenes.

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