Smallville 7.18 Apocalypse (2007, TV) – 7/10

Smallville 7.18 Apocalpyse (2007)

After deciding that the world would be better off without him, Clark makes no effort to get to past Krypton to stop Brainiac but a distraught Chloe presses the shield into his hands and urges him to change his mind. He doesn’t want to but suddenly the shield activates and sends Clark back in time to a Smallville where he never arrived.


Well, astoundingly, a good episode. While it suffers from the same problems common to all time-travel stories, writers Turi Meyer and Al Septien largely refrain from writing stupid dialogue and actions. Additionally, Tom Welling, as director, makes a good job of staging and pacing the episode (stock footage from Terminator 3 and Superman very well integrated), sorts out some nice scenes between himself and Erica Durance and doesn’t make things horribly violent when other directors on this show would have gone out of their way to show gruesome ultra-violence (though this may be due to a plot cliffhanger that should be explained next week). Even with the necessarily contrived plot and the ever-irritating presence of Terence Stamp’s voice as Jor-El, this episode is entertaining, fun to watch and reminds you of why you’ve been watching Smallville in the first place. I hope this isn’t just a quality blip and that the producers can end this miserable season on a high.

This Smallville episode contains brief graphic violence.

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