Smallville 7.19 Quest (2007, TV) – 2/10

Smallville 7.19 Quest (2007)

Lex is attacked, again, by the bank manager from Zurich, this time at Luthor Mansion. The assailant incapacitates Lex and gruesomely carves Kryptonian symbols into his chest.


This is boring and horrible. The only interest comes from Clark being explicitly asked why he hasn’t destroyed Lex. He doesn’t offer an answer (the questioner doesn’t deserve it) but Welling sells the moment and the script tackles the topic near the end of the episode. Director Kenneth Biller cannot disguise the thinness of the script (though it’s not particularly bad) but, together with the make-up department, makes a couple of scenes far more gruesome and horrible than they needed to be.

This Smallville episode contains extremely gruesome and unpleasant scenes, extremely unpleasant violence, violence and sensuality.

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