Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 1.09 What He Beheld (2008, TV) – 7/10

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, The 1.09 What He Beheld (2008)

Sarah makes arrangements to buy The Turk but it goes somewhat less than smoothly when the seller informs her that, not only will he not be selling her the Turk, but that he will be extorting $2 million for her continued anonymity.


The episode opens with what seems like a wasteful, pointless future scene but it pays off real nicely in the John Connor’s birthday plotline. It well-written, -acted and -directed; an under-stated scene, beautifully played and with real emotional resonance. It is this surprisingly low-key, agreeably understated nature of this show that has been its strongest plus point. The makers (and there are only ten principle producers on this show, low for American television) have clearly tried really hard to make a thoughtful character-based drama and have largely succeeded. It is impressive that this season finale isn’t all action, all end-of-the-world melodrama. The restrained, usually inferred or not shown, violence also makes a very pleasant change for an American show, especially one rife with opportunity. I shall certainly be catching this show when it returns.

This Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, The episode contains graphic gun violence, strong sword violence, unpleasant and slightly gory scenes.

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