Damages 1.05 A Regular Earl Anthony (2007, TV) – 6/10

Damages 1.05 Regular Earl Anthony, A (2007)

Tom Shayes leaves Patty’s employ, for real this time, but he’s not the only one cutting ties. Her clients are dismayed at her actions leading to the withdrawal of Frobisher’s $100 million settlement and decide to dispense with her services. The stress of their lives and this business with Katie sees the first stumbling blocks in Ellen and David’s relationship. Four months later, Ellen claims that someone tried to kill her inside Patty’s apartment.


It isn’t clear how much control Patty is exercising this week as we see how she manages not to lose her clients after losing them a $100 million settlement. It certainly doesn’t appear to be in her direct control but such is her preternatural reading of people that these events were, to her, highly predictable. Close has two great scenes in this episode. The first is when she visits Tom, apparently to wish him well for the future, but then abruptly drops in a “You’re a number two, Tom. That’s your talent. That’s your limit.” And clears off. The second is, somewhat remarkably, her reading, silently, Tom’s list of requirements. I don’t know if there is such a thing as power-reading, but that’s what she was doing. I don’t typically like Glenn Close’s screen aura (fascinating but unlikeable) but when you can take a scene where you don’t move and hardly speak and can suck the viewer’s eyes to the screen, well, you’ve got to be impressed.

This Damages episode contains mild swear words and strong melee violence, gory and unpleasant scenes.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.

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