Damages 1.06 She Spat at Me (2007, TV) – 5/10

Damages 1.06 She Spat at Me (2007)

David faces temptation in the flirty form of a patient’s granddaughter. Ellen meets Gregory Malina and gives him twenty-four hours to come in and tell Patty what he’s hiding before she subpoenas him.Arthur Frobisher decides that he needs to portray the other sides to his character and insists on getting a biography written but his agenda and the publishers are very different. Three-and-a-half months later, the police do not find the body of Ellen’s assailant at Patty’s apartment.


Is anyone who they appear to be? The patients’ granddaughter is the reveal this time, but why? However, this is the first poor episode of Damages. There’s a naughty bit of directorial lying involving a man with a gun who has no reason to have it out when he does. It’s not sleight-of-hand or misleading, it’s just incorrect. While that may be understandable, an even more shocking error of judgement occurs just a few minutes later when Ellen takes a bath and deliberately leaves the door to the apartment open. Which is lucky, as David has lost his keys. What person, let alone a woman whose friend had recently had her dog murdered over the case she is working, would do such a thing? This kind of shocking refusal to write a way of a situation is the first such occurrence in this show and it takes you right out of the episode. Not much for Glenn Close to do this week but all the Ted Danson stuff is much better. It’s grimly humourous as he ogres his way through a ghost writer while trying to expose his good qualities. Danson balances his boorish billionaire with humanity that makes his character the most interesting in the show.

This Damages episode contains mild swear words, adult dialogue and unexpected unpleasant and gory nightmare scenes, violence and sensuality.

Classified 12 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 12 years and over.

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