Damages 1.10 Sort of Like a Family (2007, TV) – 8/10

Damages 1.10 Sort of Like a Family (2007)

With Greg Malina’s death Ellen is now superfluous to Patty’s requirements though the immediate task for Patty’s team is Frobisher’s deposition. A month later, Tom can’t get hold of Patty and no-one knows where she is. Ellen asks Tom to post her bail so that she can sort things out herself and he takes a closer look around Patty’s apparently pristine apartment.


“You may be the only one I can trust” says Frobisher to his lawyer, Fiske. However, the theme of the show is “trust no-one.” It’s another great scene for Ted Danson who delivers a really sweet and gracious compliment to his lawyer despite, presumably, being guilty of stealing the life-savings of over 5,000 people to the tune of $1.4 billion. I still feel that that isn’t what this series is going to be about, it’s going to be personal; it always is. Meanwhile, we finally get the Ted Danson / Glenn Close face-off and, you know what, Danson comes out ahead, no question.

This Damages episode contains bad language, mild swear words and violence, gory and unpleasant scenes and a sex scene.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.

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