Damages 1.11 I Hate These People (2007, TV) – 7/10

Damages 1.11 I Hate These People (2007)

Despite being drop-kicked out of Hewes & Associates, Ellen isn’t surprised when Patty shows up and offers her her job back. Ellen doesn’t want it but offers to approach Moore on their behalf for the good of the case. Moore can’t give them Frobisher directly but gives them Fiske and his dealings with Gregory Malina. Eight days later, Patty sees a drop of blood on her shoe.


Great finish to the episode (the shoe) though the return of Fiske is clumsily telegraphed by the director. Close’s (brief) reaction feels utterly genuine and this has been a good episode for her and her character. This is an interestingly low-key episode despite several things that should be causing serious stress such as stalking, home invasion and blackmail. Only present-day Patty gets super-stressed when spotting the blood on her shoe and one of those omni-present American police cars. Seeing Ellen and David coming through the Patty Hewes and Lila Di Meo experience with trust and love feels impressively reminiscent of crime masterpiece The Godfather and Michael Corleone’s inexorable but unwanted descent into evil. Here we know that Ellen and David’s relationship is doomed (though we are not certain by whose hand; current bet has to be stalker Lila Di Meo) but they are current extricating themselves from the situation and doing all the right things. Just two days and two episodes to go.

This Damages episode contains bad language, mild swear words and unpleasant scenes and homosexual sensuality.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.

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