Damages 1.13 Because I Know Patty (2007, TV) – 7/10

Damages 1.13 Because I Know Patty (2007)

Ellen demands Patty exercise her influence to get all charges dropped against her and she agrees that when that’s done she’ll hand over Greg’s video.


Perhaps I’m hyper-sensitive to ladies losing their trousers but where do Ellen’s trousers disappear to while she is in Patty’s elevator? Overall, this is a satisfying conclusion to this season though some loose ends haven’t really been tied up: why have we gone back to the events of 1972 (presumably, something to do with the real reason Hewes is so against Frobisher), what’s Frobisher’s field all about and what was Michael Hewes up to? There is a brilliantly harsh scene where Larry Poplar gets payment for his dealings with Frobisher (though that does lead to an ‘American’ scene a bit later, it’s a wonder anyone is alive in that country). The writers reserve a final twist to lead us into a confirmed second series and have largely done a nice job of getting across the show’s theme of trusting no-one by delivering convincing and interesting twists and reversals. Almost nothing silly or lazy happened during the entire season. Very impressive. The show’s real strength has, however, come from Glenn Close and, particularly, Ted Danson. He gave Arthur Frobisher a convincing combination of human weakness, charm, selfishness and abuse of power. I sure hope he figures in the next season. Lead actress Rose Byrne has been good enough, occasionally excellent, but hasn’t left an indelible impression.

This Damages episode contains bad language and graphic gun violence, violence.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.

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