PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 backwards compatibility update

My complete BC list.




  • new The game is new to this list because I have purchased or borrowed it or it has been added to the Xbox 360 BC list.
  • updated The game was already on my list but its status has changed.




Backwards Compatibility Lists

Xbox 360 logo

Xbox 360


Plays on Xbox 360 with some minor issues

Title Widescreen Tested
new Terminator: Dawn of Date
Game doesn’t run in widescreen and has the image squished into a 4:3 area in the middle of the display. Opening movie has occasional sound glitches. Frame-rate occasionally stutters. Heat-haze effects are incorrectly rendered on top of everything else including the HUD. I also wonder what the ugliest lead character in video-game history is; I vote for Kyle Reese.
  August 2008





PlayStation 3 logo

PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Note: this is a list of games tested by me and is not entirely in tune with the official list which tends to be more cautious and somewhat behind the latest software version.

No known issues

Title Product Code Widescreen System
new Burnout Dominator SLES 54681 widescreen 2.42
new Ford vs Chevy SLES 53698 widescreen 2.42
new GunGrave: Over Dose SLES 52941   2.42
new Haven: Call of the King SLES 51209   2.42
new James Bond in… Agent Under Fire SLES 50539   2.42
new World Super Police SLES 54080   2.42


Should play on Playstation 3 with minor issues

Title Product Code Widescreen System
new Ford Street Racing
Dolby ProLogic II audio option causes crackling in-game
SLES 53639 widescreen 2.42
new GunGrave
Audio stuttering during pre-Start movie (no obvious damage to disc) but not during in-game movies. Slowdown in game but everything remains playable and looks great.
SLES 51236   2.42

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