Inspector Morse 4.04 Masonic Mysteries (1990, TV) – 8/10

John Thaw: Chief Inspector Morse
Kevin Whately: Detective Sergeant Lewis
Diane Fletcher: Marion Brookes
Richard Kane: Chief Insp. Bottomley
Ian McDiarmid: Hugo de Vries
Iain Cuthbertson: McNutt
James Grout: Chief Supt. Strange
Writer: Julian Mitchell
Writer (Characters’ Creator): Colin Dexter
Producer: David Lascelles
Director: Daniel Boyle

Inspector Morse 4.04 Masonic Mysteries (1990)

When Morse is framed for the murder of an attractive female chorister, he is sure that it is the work of a con-man he put away a dozen years ago. The problem is that the con man, Hugo de Vries, died while in prison in Sweden.


Great fun as Morse goes head-to-head with a master criminal played with glee by the Emperor himself, Ian McDiarmid. This contains one of Morse’s nicest moments when, after ranting delusionally thanks to smoke inhalation, he comes to his senses, apologizes to those around him and says: “Where’s Lewis? I want Lewis.” Aaah. Also, particularly entertaining is Morse trying to convince Lewis to go and see The Magic Flute with his wife. “It’s like a panto. … It’s got a dragon in it. … You can record Eastenders.” Classic stuff.

This Inspector Morse episode contains mild gore, unpleasant scenes.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.

In a 2007 series of interviews, Kevin Whately named this as his most humurous episode. One of the reasons for this was because of filming scenes with Iain Cuthbertson. He had recently had a heart attack which had removed his ability to remember his lines and so they had to play their scenes with Cuthbertson’s lines written out on idiot cards held up by the cast and crew members dotted around each set.

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