Fletch Lives (1989 – 6/10 comedy thriller movie review

Cast / crew
Chevy Chase: [Irwin] Fletch [Fletcher]
Hal Holbrook: Ham Johnson
Julianne Phillips: Becky Culpepper
R. Lee Ermey: Jimmy Lee Farnsworth
Richard Libertini: Frank
Randall “Tex” Cobb: Ben Dover
Cleavon Little: Calculus
Writer (Characters’ Creator): Gregory McDonald
Writer: Leon Capetanos
Director: Michael Ritchie

Fletch Lives (1989)

Fletch inherits a surprisingly desirable mansion which arouses his journalistic curiosity. His curiosity is rewarded by waking up the morning after the night before with a dead woman in the bed. Fletch suspects the Bible Land amusement park and uses a variety of disguises to poke around, find the truth and, hopefully, get the preachers’ daughter into bed aswell.


Chevy Chase reprises his role as the charming, wisecracking journalist and carries the film on this basis. There’s a nice balance between farce and comedy and, unlike comedy thrillers of today, it’s never overly violent or explicitly sexual (it’s more cheeky and saucy). There’s an awful lot of funny dialogue here but director Michael Ritchie doesn’t get the pacing quite right and makes it feel rather longer and more empty than it is.

This movie contains adult dialogue, mild swear words and violence, unpleasant scenes, non-graphic gun violence and mild sexuality.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.



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