Bee Movie (2007, Movie) – 1/10

Director: Simon J. Smith
Director: Steve Hickner
Producer: Jerry Seinfeld
Producer: Christina Steinberg
Writer: Jerry Seinfeld
Writer: Spike Feresten
Writer: Barry Marder
Writer: Andy Robin
Jerry Seinfeld: Barry B. Benson
Renée Zellweger: Vanessa Bloome
Matthew Broderick: Adam Flayman
Patrick Warburton: Ken
John Goodman: Layton T. Montgomery
Chris Rock: Mooseblood
Andy Robin: Jock #2
Simon J. Smith: Truck Driver, Chet
Barry Marder: Waterbug

Bee Movie (2007)

A bit concerned that he will be stuck doing the same job for the rest of his life, Barry B. Benson, a bee, takes a last flight of freedom into the real world and, after breaking the first bee rule of not talking to humans, falls in love with a human, Vanessa. Then he learns about the subjugation of bees and sues humanity to get all their honey back. With hilarious consequences.


Starting with a charmless replacement logo for DreamWorks Animation during which the mascot boy falls to his death, I kid you not, Bee Movie looks like it might settle into a bland Antz knock-off. Presumably DreamWorks Animation’s next animal-themed project will start with a C. Male chickens, perhaps. You immediately notice that the bees have a pair of legs missing and, it turns out, the entire movie is an insult to biology. Then the movie introduces non-sexual zoophilia (Greek for animal love) and every subsequent idea and plot point in the movie (yes, that is the Holocaust referenced) is likewise irredeemably awful. So not bland at all. Eye-wideningly atrocious.

Classified U by BBFC. Universal: Suitable for All.


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