The Interpreter (2005, Movie) – 3/10

Director: Sydney Pollack
Nicole Kidman: Sylvia Broome
Sean Penn: Tobin Keller
Catherine Keener: Dot Woods
Jesper Christensen: Nils Lud
Yvan Attal: Philippe
Executive Producer: Sydney Pollack
Executive Producer: Anthony Minghella
Writer (Story): Martin Stellman
Writer (Story): Brian Ward
Writer (Screenplay): Charles Randolph
Writer (Screenplay): Scott Frank
Writer (Screenplay): Steven Zaillian

Interpreter, The (2005)

UN interpreter Silvia Broome overhears a planned assassination being discussed in the General Assembly Room (after hours, of course). Even though the authorities consider this somewhat unlikely (even a Hollywood movie would find this stretching credulity), they have to take all possible threats seriously and assign Tobin Keller to investigate.


Surprisingly incompetent would-be Hitchcockian / 1970’s political thriller whose professional sheen cannot mask the endlessly poor dialogue and plot. The uselessness extends all the way down to the prop department who deliver two of the worst photoshopped images in cinema history. Sydney Pollack paces things deliberately and it’s not boring, exactly, as it moves toward the ridiculous climax, just broken.

This movie contains graphic gun violence, strong unpleasant scenes.

Classified 12A by BBFC. Persons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


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