Chain Reaction (1996, Movie) – 3/10

Producer: Arne Schmidt
Director: Andrew Davis
Keanu Reeves: Eddie Kasalivich
Morgan Freeman: Paul Shannon
Rachel Weisz: Lily Sinclair
Fred Ward: FBI Agent Ford
Kevin Dunn: FBI Agent Doyle
Brian Cox: Lyman Earl Collier
Writer (Story): Arne Schmidt
Writer (Story): Rick Seaman
Writer (Story): Josh Friedman
Writer (Screenplay): J.F. Lawton
Writer (Screenplay): Michael Bortman
Producer: Andrew Davis

Chain Reaction (1996)

Eddie Kasalivich is a machinist working on a project to create pollution free energy from water. One night the laboratory is blown up in spectacular fashion, destroying eight city blocks, but Eddie discovers that the explosion was rather more than an accident.


After the high-quality career blip of The Fugitive director Andrew Davis returns to more typical form with this spectacularly unconvincing action thriller. While he keeps things moving swiftly throughout and showcases some nice stuntwork (especially on a Chicago bridge) it’s not enough to even vaguely disguise the silliness of the story and the tiresome dreadfulness of the script. To their credit, the actors perform reasonably well; everyone seems to be taking their roles very seriously and Freeman is acting as if he is in a much better film. Oddly, the climax’s big special effect is shown after the end credits. On a side note, I am sure J.D. from Scrubs would be delighted to see the Janitor get shot again as he did in Davis’ The Fugitive.

This movie contains unpleasant scenes, violence.

Classified 12 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 12 years and over.


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