The Pink Panther (2006, Movie) – 1/10

Producer: Robert Simonds
Director: Shawn Levy
Steve Martin: Clouseau
Kevin Kline: Dreyfus
Jean Reno: Ponton
Emily Mortimer: Nicole
Henry Czerny: Yuri
Kristin Chenoweth: Cherie
Roger Rees: Larocque
Beyoncé Knowles: Xania
Composer Pink Panther Theme: Henry Mancini
Director (Original Films) Pink Panther: Blake Edwards
Writer (Story): Len Blum
Writer (Story): Michael Saltzman
Writer (Screenplay): Len Blum
Writer (Characters’ Creator): Maurice Richlin
Writer (Characters’ Creator): Blake Edwards
Jason Statham: Yves Gluant
Clive Owen: Nigel Statham 006

Pink Panther, The (2006)

When a prominent businessman is murdered during a football match and his fabulous Pink Panther diamond stolen, Chief Inspector Dreyfus assembles a crack team of investigators to find the murderer. To ensure that their work is uninterrupted, he publicly appoints an unknown incompetent to lead the ‘official’ investigation: Jacques Clouseau.


Wow! Taking twenty years of pent-up Clouseau gags and carefully cherry-picking all the least funny ones, director Shawn Levy and star Steve Martin then proceed to brilliantly edit out even those. The result is one of the clumsiest and most embarrassingly unfunny ‘comedies’ ever wiped from a stars butt onto the big screen. They seem to have overlooked the fact that Clouseau is more over-zealous and eager-to-please than incompetent and that he is the only person in all the films with an accent. And that Clouseau isn’t deaf. And that he should be played by Peter Sellers. Who is dead. On a more positive note, the stunt-work and production values are surprisingly good and Beyoncé Knowles proves luminous and irresistible on screen once more.

This movie contains sexual innuendo, muffled sexual swear words and violence, unpleasant scenes, self-inflicted torture.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.


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