Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli: UK Police Custom Paint

Patch V2 arrived for the rather under-appreciated Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli recently and brought all manner of goodies including Trophy support and a photo mode for the livery editor. Unfortunately, in order to earn all the Trophies, you are required to reset your profile (so you can get the ‘The Graduate’ and ‘First Challenge Win’ and other trophies) and your custom liveries are, inexplicably, part of your profile.

I had already completed the above custom paint and was thankful for the photo mode to record it for posterity before I reset my profile and lost the livery.

That said, it is a nice simple design and wouldn’t take long to reproduce. It is based on police cars in the UK from a few years ago and, principally, on this picture on Wikimedia. UK police cars now have flourescent greeny-yellow which is impossible to replicate in Ferrari Challenge.

The livery editor is very, very similar to the one in Forza Motorsport 2 but it lacks the precision that editor supplied (everything is done by eye here), there are no gradient textures and you cannot store groups of vinyls in an external library to be applied to any car. In every other way, it matches Forza Motorsport 2’s reference quality livery editor and, as a bonus, your car looks much better in-game than it did in FM2. Ferrari Challenge also saves the photos in lossless PNG format (because it doesn’t have to upload them to the web) which is very welcome and allows us to use a higher quality compression setting when converting to JPG (FM2 used an awful-quality JPG compression setting).

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