House M.D. 5.02 Not Cancer (2008, TV) – 6/10

Hugh Laurie: Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein: Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Omar Epps: Dr. Eric Foreman
Robert Sean Leonard: Dr. James Wilson
Writer (Series’ Creator): David Shore
Peter Jacobson: Dr. Chris Taub
Kal Penn: Dr. Lawrence Kutner
Olivia Wilde: Thirteen
Michael Weston:
Felicia Day:
Co-Executive Producer: Lawrence Kaplow
Executive Producer: Hugh Laurie
Executive Producer: David Shore
Writer: David Shore
Writer: Lawrence Kaplow
Director: David Straiton

House M.D. 5.02 Not Cancer (2008)

House is busy looking for a Wilson replacement as he tackles his case-of-the-week: a group of people who all received organs from the same donor start dying suddenly and without common cause. House says it’s cancer but it can’t be.


House is not successfully presenting the medical side of things and that makes the majority of each episode rather meaningless for the audience. All we know is that a patient comes in, House and his team guess wrong a lot, the patient dies or nearly dies and House cures them. When we can’t understand why, it renders half the episode difficult to follow. Fortunately, the writers have come up with and stuck to an agreeably interesting story thread to distract us in Wilson’s rejection of House. It’s enough to bump this back into above-average territory but making the medical side of things easier to swallow would round off the package nicely.

This House M.D. episode contains gory and extremely unpleasant scenes.


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