Smallville 8.03 Toxic (2008, TV) – 4/10

Tom Welling: Clark Kent
Allison Mack: Chloe Sullivan
Erica Durance: Lois Lane
Cassidy Freeman: Tess Mercer
Samuel Witwer: Davis Bloome
Justin Hartley: Oliver Queen
Writer (Characters’ Creator) Superman: Jerry Siegel
Writer (Characters’ Creator): Joe Shuster
Developer for Television: Alfred Gough
Developer for Television: Miles Millar
Ron Selmour:
Writer: Caroline Dries
Director: Mairzee Almas

Smallville 8.03 Toxic (2008)

Oliver Queen, realising he’s been poisoned and has twelve hours to live, decides to waft into a trendy bar and quaff some champagne before collapsing in an incoherent heap in front of dozens of gleeful photographers. You know, instead of going to hospital. Luckily, Clark was there and he and Chloe set about trying to save him but the secret to Queen’s life lies in his past.


While this is another weak episode, it’s not quite as offensively or brain-cell-killingly bad as the previous couple of episodes and features a couple of strong scenes while raising intrigue levels regarding Chloe’s new super brain powers and new characters Tess Mercer and random paramedic Davis Bloome. The strong scenes come, most unusually, courtesy of Erica Durance who has always worked well with her Oliver Queen relationship (if nothing else). Nice to report that Tom Welling occasionally looks much more interested this week.

This Smallville episode contains strong gun violence, melee violence.


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