Black Bart (1975, TV) – 3/10

Louis Gossett: Black Bart
Millie Slavin: Belle Buzzer
Noble Willingham: Fern Malaga
Steve Landesberg: Reb Jordan
Developer for Television: Michael Elias
Developer for Television: Frank Shaw
Writer (Series’ Creator): Andrew Bergman
Writer: Michael Elias
Writer: Frank Shaw
Director: Robert Butler
Executive Producer: Mark Tuttle
Producer: Michael Elias
Producer: Frank Shaw
Producer: Robert Butler

Black Bart (1975)

Black Bart is the highest-paid black Sheriff in the country. Well, he’s the only one but he’s struggling to ingratiate himself with the townsfolk, especially the Mayor and his errant son Curly.


Curious unaired footnote to comedy classic Blazing Saddles. Someone, perhaps understandably, thought a small-screen spin-off would be a sure thing but that same person overlooked the fact that Blazing Saddles was funny. Lou Gossett is not known for his comedic brilliance but it doesn’t help that he’s given a script without gags and, to be fair, he, uniquely among the cast, shows useful charisma. Aside from that, this is awful. And is it just me, or does Millie Slavin look like a dude?

This television contains adult dialogue and violence.


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