A Touch of Frost 8.01 Mind Games (2008, TV) – 5/10 review

David Jason: DI Frost
Writer (Characters’ Creator): R.D. Wingfield
Writer (Screenplay): Michael Russell
Producer: Martyn Auty
Director: Paul Harrison

Touch of Frost, A 8.01 Mind Games (2008)

Frost revisits an emotive case he worked on as a sergeant when the killer of two 14-year-old girls is released after twenty years in prison. His other case sees the bloody murder of a motivational psychologist but he can’t see the wood for the trees on either case.


While the cast is fine, David Jason and a strong enough story is once more undone by less-than-dynamic director Paul Harrison (Diamond Geezer and A Royal Affair), with whom Jason has worked with almost exclusively for several years now. A bit like Al Pacino making more than one film with talentless Jon Avnet (88 Minutes and Righteous Kill) you’ve got to wonder why. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Presumably there’s a sense of comfort for these elderly stars (Jason and Pacino are 68). Sadly, Paul Harrison’s clumsy half-hearted direction removes all guile and tension from the script and it is left to star David Jason to carry things. He does but there is a lack of the humour and humanity that A Touch of Frost has regularly employed to good effect.

This Touch of Frost, A episode contains mild swear word and very gory and unpleasant scenes, violence, inferred strong gun violence and non-sexual nudity, sensuality.


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