Eragon (2006, Game) – 6/10 review

Design Director: Ray Gresko
Technical Director: Hai-Ping Kenneth Chao
Art Director: John Kleber
Senior Producer: Dave Ross
Audio Director Stormfront Studios: Andrew Boyd
Technical Director Stormfront Studios: Ken Demarest
Design Director Stormfront Studios: David Dienstbier
Art Director Stormfront Studios: Bruce Walters

Eragon (2006)

Eragon is just a simple farmboy until the fate of his country and a battle against tyranny becomes his to wage when a large blue dragon egg comes into his possession.


Eragon was vitriocally hammered by contemporary critics but I suspect they were simply predisposed to consider it that way thanks to it being a movie game. There are problems with some occasionally poor camera angles, invisible scenery, unclear progress cues in level design, a lack of atmosphere and the ability to get slapped and not escape while a canned animation is playing. However, this is a decent looking and nice sounding game with plenty to do and a largely well-judged difficulty level. It’s easy to play and there’s lot of things you can do. There is a nice use of controller vibration to let you know when to shoot your arrows and it’s cool that the baddies run around with all your arrows sticking out of them. Most unusually, defeating Krulls (a large enemy) is well implemented and interesting without resorting to a mini-game. Combat has all the boxes ticked with simple and combo’d ranged and melee attacks though, oddly, it’s not terribly satisfying and perhaps that is the biggest problem with Eragon. Despite all the good stuff and clear hard work, it’s not all that immersive and satisfying but even given that, it’s nothing like as bad as most contemporary reviews would have you believe.

This game contains extreme blade violence, extreme melee violence, extreme and graphic projectile violence, unpleasant fantasy scenes.

Classified 12 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 12 years and over.

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