A Touch of Frost 8.02 Dead End (2008, TV) – 6/10 review

David Jason: Insp Jack Frost
Writer (Characters’ Creator): R.D. Wingfield
Writer (Screenplay): David Gilman
Producer: Martyn Auty
Director: Roger Bamford
Bruce Alexander: Supt Mullett
John Lyons: DS Toolan
Cherie Lunghi: DS Annie Marsh

Touch of Frost, A 8.02 Dead End (2008)

Frost is dismayed when a sergeant who caused his suspension several years ago is reassigned to him as Denton attempts to crack down on anti-social yob behaviour. However, his attention is quickly diverted to more deadly matters when a bus driver and conductress are kidnapped and a clown is found dead in an alleyway. Good, I hate clowns.


The absence of director Paul Harrison’s name means we embark on this penultimate Frost with a sense of relief and it proves to be so. Roger Bamford and writer David Gilman provide us with plenty of plot and plenty of banter and this is entertaining and, largely, fun. There is a bit of plot-moving clunkiness but the good story raises the old moral dilemma of what should be done when justice isn’t delivered by the system. Unusually, the writer doesn’t treat it heavy-handedly and the director doesn’t make the climax unnecessarily gruesome. However, Cherie Lunghi’s warning (she plays sergeant-of-the-week) that Frost’s bull-in-a-china-shop attitude is going to catch up with him one day casts an interesting sense of doom over next week’s last ever Frost.

This Touch of Frost, A episode contains mild adult dialogue and gory and unpleasant scenes and corpse nudity.


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