A Touch of Frost 8.03 In the Public Interest (2008, TV) – 6/10 review

David Jason: Insp Jack Frost
Writer (Characters’ Creator): R.D. Wingfield
Writer (Screenplay): Thomas Ellice
Producer: David Reynolds
Producer: Richard Bates
Director: Paul Harrison
Bruce Alexander: Supt Mullett
John Lyons: DS Toolan
Adrian Lukis: James Callum

Touch of Frost, A 8.03 In the Public Interest (2008)

A trio of naked male corpses arranged in a triangle are discovered near an ancient monument but Frost can’t help but roll his eyes when confronted with the clear Satanic ritual overtones. Still, there’s nothing he likes better than someone that irritates him to get his teeth into and he spends rather more of his creative energy getting under the skin of successful and well-connected businessman James Callum in connection with the murder of a beautiful fitness instructor.


Starting with an emergency sausage sandwich, this Frost boasts a decent amount of fun dialogue but the detective work is not really kept in focus by director Paul Harrison. It’s all paced well enough and easily keeps the interest and he even manages some slightly unnerving tension in the climax but, sadly, the episode just stops flatly instead of ending with a triumphant exclamation mark. This is reportedly the last ever Frost and may be the final outing for star actor David Jason. Many thanks for a remarkable career packed with highlights both comedic and dramatic.

This Touch of Frost, A episode contains adult dialogue and graphic violence, gory and unpleasant scenes.


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