Chaos Legion (2003, Game, PS2 on PS3) – 7/10

Manabu Oshio: Japanese Voice: Sieg Wahrheit
Ken Kaito: Japanese Voice: Victor Delacroix
Yui Ichikawa: Japanese Voice: Arcia Rinslet
Ryô: Japanese Voice: Siela Riviere
Director: Makoto Maeda
Producer: Yoshinori Ono
Christian Campbell: English Voice: Sieg Wahrheit
Josh Gilman: English Voice: Victor Delacroix
Shanelle Workman: English Voice: Arcia Rinslet
Becky Riedy: English Voice: Siela Riviere

Chaos Legion (2003)

Knight of the Dark Glyphs Sieg Wahrheit isn’t content with having an awesome name and sets about putting some manners on the formerly virtuous Victor Delacroix who has fallen to the dark side and now controls the hordes of the underworld. Delacroix’s motives are tied to the past and a girl named Siela.


The adventures of the awesomely-named Sieg Wahrheit (no-one makes up names like Japanese game developers) initially appears to be a simple button masher but thanks to combos, great enemies, bosses and the titular Legions, quickly reveals an enjoyable depth and strategy. It’s still a button-masher but an interesting one. Inter-level music (where you manage your Legions levelling) is way too short considering the amount of time you spend in there (fortunately it’s not quite annoying), the story is typically impenetrable, and it’s rather hard but the music, presentation and graphics are outstanding.

This game contains extended fantasy blade and projectile violence, unpleasant and gory scenes.

Classified 12+ by PEGI. The game is only suitable for persons who have reached the age of 12 or over.
Classified Violence by PEGI. Game contains depictions of violence.

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