A Touch of Frost 5.03 True Confessions (1997, TV) – 2/10

David Jason: DI Frost
Writer (Characters’ Creator): R.D. Wingfield
Writer (Screenplay): Michael Russell
Producer: Martyn Auty
Director: Sandy Johnson
Bruce Alexander: Supt Mullett
Anthony Calf: James Barr
David Beames: Alec Barr

Touch of Frost, A 5.03 True Confessions (1997)

When a woman is found dead in the river, it looks like suicide but Detective Inspector Frost soon starts digging deeper when it transpires that she did indeed drown… but in bathwater. As he starts to get closer to the truth, however, an internal affairs department suspends Frost and starts investigating past cases.


Seriously under-par Frost which, yet again, sees David Jason as the only good actor employed by the production team. They provide him with a dreadful support cast (most annoyingly Gwyneth Strong but with the exception of Bruce Alexander as Frost’s Superintendent), a very unsatisfying story and dull, lifeless direction.

This Touch of Frost, A episode contains bad language and unpleasant scenes.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.

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