A Touch of Frost 5.04 No Other Love (1997, TV) – 8/10 review

David Jason: DI Frost
Writer (Characters’ Creator): R.D. Wingfield
Writer (Screenplay): Sian Orrells
Producer: Martyn Auty
Director: David Reynolds
Matt Bardock: DC Barnard
Bruce Alexander: Supt Mullett

Touch of Frost, A 5.04 No Other Love (1997)

(from Radio Times)

Frost unravels two domestic cases – one tragically straightforward, the other cruelly deceptive.


Interesting end-of-series (and, at one time, intended end-of-Frost) entry which supplies the typical double-headed professional focus as well as some successful personal touches. This is probably Frost’s best episode but be warned, it is distressing, especially if you’ve been watching since the first episode Care and Protection. And, yes, despite the very well acted and clearly highly emotional climax, the ITV announcer blathers on within seconds. Isn’t it time somebody took a stand and put an end to this universally reviled habit?

This Touch of Frost, A episode contains mild swear words, adult dialogue regarding child sexual abuse and gory and unpleasant scenes.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.


Headed brilliantly, as ever, by Davis Jason as DI Frost, this TV film benefits from at least one good support performance from Matt Bardock as his personable sergeant. Jason gets called on to do the tricky ’emotional’ scene and, unusually for television movie, manages not to be melodramatic and creates a very affecting scene. Mark Lambert and, especially, Anthony Bate are also good as two generations of a family while the acting from their ‘children’ is sometimes a bit forced.

The story is better than average with the true nature likely to remain disguised to most viewers until only a few minutes from the end. Red herrings and misleading scenes play on audience presumptions and, maybe, prejudices. These work well during the film but if dwelt on at all (say during a commercial break) are clearly manipulative and don’t really make sense. The story builds to a good climax that works all the better if you realise that this was originally made as the last ever Frost mystery.

One thought on “A Touch of Frost 5.04 No Other Love (1997, TV) – 8/10 review

  1. I’ve watched this episode twice in 10 years, and now remember how mystified I was as to what actually appears in the police ball during the kareoke. I still am. Whatever appears, is horrifying enough in its appearance for everyone to stop in their tracks just from looking, and yet we see that Jack and the final victim are in a different place. What’s the popular interpretation? I’m stumped. If it’s a ‘time shifted’ blood stained Frost, then why don’t we see him?

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