Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli: US Police Custom Livery

Following up my UK police Ferrari F430, I had a bash at a black-and-white US-style police car. Unfortunately, I hit many limitations of the Ferrari Challenge livery designer and, while I completed this design, it is clear that it isn’t really suitable for complex scratch designs.

Scaling a group doesn’t work properly. This means that you can’t create a group nice and large and scale it to a final size. In Forza Motorsport 2, for example, I would create a complex vinyl group on the roof and then copy and scale it to the desired place on the car. This is not possible in Ferrari Challenge.

You can’t colour a whole group of primitives. This means that it is time-consuming to produce effects like drop shadows or to easily change the colour scheme of a car.

This means that creating scratch artwork and logos from primitives is all but out of the question.

The shortfall is not made up with sponsor vinyls (there are only a couple) and a lack of gradient textures means simple to produce but striking and complex-looking livery is also out of reasonable reach.

However, this is a commendable effort and System 3 has shown a willingness to finance patches. Most of these concerns are quite minor technical details (possibly gradient textures aside) and maybe they’ll see fit to tweak them in a future release.

Without badge

With badge

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