The Invisible (2006, Movie) – 5/10 review

Cast / crew
Director: David S. Goyer
Writer (Screenplay): Mick Davis
Writer (Screenplay): Christine Roum
Writer (Original Novel) “Den Osynlige”: Mats Wahl
Justin Chatwin: Nick Powell
Margarita Levieva: Annie Newton
Christopher Marquette: Pete Egan
Callum Keith Rennie: Detective Brian Larson
Alexander O’Loughlin: Marcus Bohem
Marcia Gay Harden: Diane Powell

Invisible, The (2006)

Nick Powell is a bright, highly-regarded pupil who wants to become a writer. Annie Newton is not; she is sociopathic and unwanted. Their lives cross paths decisively when Nick is killed by Annie but Nick finds himself as a ghost, invisible to everyone, and slowly comes to realise that his life may be in Annie’s hands once more.


This is a movie that peaks at a mid-point (after Justin Chatwin realises he’s in limbo) but then gets progressively weaker as it introduces each subsequent story beat (a police search that ignores a local sewer, living hearing the dead, a school without security, police casually watching a murder suspect flee instead of pursuing, a mother who listens reasonably to her son’s attacker especially when she starts speaking her son’s words). It all means that the audience knows the story is broken while they are still watching it. The cast are okay and frequently do well with what they’re working with. I don’t know what the original Swedish film adaptation is like (itself adapted from a novel) but director David S. Goyer must take some blame for not disguising the plot problems.

This movie contains mild swear words and inferred self-inflicted gunshots, strong violence, very unpleasant scenes and sexuality.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.


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