Slimm GBPVR 1.7.3245.23786 released


To install:

For all details regarding current version, please see documentation which is installed alongside the utility and is available in the GBPVR start menu group.


This release:

Tray Features

  • Registry setting DeleteComskipFiles removed and replaced with DeleteExtensionsAfterPlayback. This contains a list of extensions that will be recycled by SlimmGBPVR after playback of a file has finished. For example, given the extensions ".log;.fif" and a recording filename of "C:\recording.mpg", SlimmGBPVR will attempt to recycle "C:\recording.log", "C:\recording.fif", "C:\recording.mpg.log" and "C:\recording.mpg.fif".
  • Added ability to sort lists of recordings. It is used to reorder the items in the reoccurring menu.
  • SlimmGBPVR now supports gif, png and jpg ChannelLogos. Requested by b00sfuk.

GBPVRcli Features

  • /orderby switch added. Requested by liteswap.
  • /playing switch added. Requested by liteswap. Note: this information actually reports which completed recordings have their files locked. A file is locked when it is being played but it will also be locked when transcoding is taking place or Windows is creating a thumbnail, for example, so it may not always produce the expected result.



You can post support queries on the Slimm GB-PVR forum hosted at



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