Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli: F430 Challenge Taxi custom livery

Attempting to come up with an appropriate paint job for my North American Challenge F430 and not wanting to replicate my black-and-white police car by hand (you can’t copy part or whole liveries from one car to another, even the exact same model), I ended up thinking of a yellow cab taxi.

Using our old friend Google turned up this rather brilliant if possibly impractical Lamborghini taxi and I noticed that even some normal yellow taxis had chequered flag stripes down the side.

Lamborghini Taxi (1) Lamborghini Taxi (2)

Fortunately, Ferrari Challenge provides a chequered flag strip and so I simply ran five end-to-end from the headlights to the rear grill. A taxi sign on the side and a monochrome chequered flag on the roof complete the job. The flag on the roof is, by default, heavily slanted but Ferrari Challenge’s skew option straightened that out for me.

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