Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli: 550 Maranello Maranello Village custom livery

I based this design on a sign (pictured right) at Ferrari’s Maranello Village. I immediately liked the two-tone and replicated it using grey (Canna Da Fucile) primitives on a red (Rosso Corsa) base paint with strong white text. Once the simple background was complete and running around the whole car I simply pasted the available logos with white writing. The last touch was an arrow pointing forward made from rotated and squished V and I solid letter vinyls.

I borrowed the ostentatious placement of a chequered flag motif from the side of one of the buildings in the village and stuck it on the mirrors. They were created using the large chequered flag from design 1 and placing a white primitive behind it.

One thing I don’t understand is why there is more than one dynamic number, er, number. The number is dynamic. No matter which one you place on the car, it will change to reflect your starting position.


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