House M.D. 5.09 Last Resort (2008, TV) – 2/10 review

Hugh Laurie: Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein: Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Omar Epps: Dr. Eric Foreman
Robert Sean Leonard: Dr. James Wilson
Jennifer Morrison: Dr. Allison Cameron
Jesse Spencer: Dr. Robert Chase
Writer (Series’ Creator): David Shore
Peter Jacobson: Dr. Chris Taub
Kal Penn: Dr. Lawrence Kutner
Olivia Wilde: Thirteen
Wood Harris:
Tracy Vilar:
Evan Peters:
Evan Jones:
Željko Ivanek:
Executive Producer: David Shore
Writer (Screenplay): Matthew V. Lewis
Writer (Screenplay): Eli Attie
Writer (Story): Matthew V. Lewis
Director: Katie Jacobs

House M.D. 5.09 Last Resort (2008)

House, Thirteen and a bunch of patients are taken hostage by a crazed gunman desperate to know what is wrong with him. Yes, you read that right. Anyway, House treads where sixteen doctors have failed and embellishes his usual operating procedure by getting several people to the brink of death before curing with no lasting consequences.


The biggest mistake made here was in not putting the writers into a room and shooting them. Case-of-the-week with no lasting consequences this week includes Thirteen whose kidneys "shut down" during the episode but who only takes a week of dialysis to permanently rectify. Željko Ivanek is seriously embarrassed by the character he has been lumped with and while House ensures that the hostage situation has some unusual touches and the episode has a good closing gag, this is awful, awful television.

This House M.D. episode contains mild swear words and gun violence, unpleasant and gory scenes.


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