Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli: Ferrari 575 GTC Jota Sport custom livery

Jota Sport are a Porsche Carrera racing team based in Kent, England. Their cars have a very clean design that can be clearly seen in desktop wallpapers from their site.


There were two problems going in. The first was relatively minor and that is that the 575 is a completely different shape to the Porsche 911 as it has a relatively short passenger cell and relatively long bonnet. The second was a bit more critical: Ferrari Challenge doesn’t have any orange paint making a grey and orange paint scheme somewhat, well, challenging.

Initially, I decided to change the orange on the design to the gaudiest red in the pallet and had half-completed the roof and side of the car when I realised that orange is available. On the Racing Stripes 2 page, there is a thick double line in orange. By scaling to its full thickness and placing several overlapping each other, it is possible to create blocks of orange. I scrapped the red paintwork and replaced it with orange. There were some fiddly moments painting under the rear wing and lining up the pattern crossing from the roof to the side because the camera controls are strictly limited when painting each area, especially Top/Hood (it doesn’t let you see under the rear wing). I wish that the camera was completely free and just reset to a new location when moving to a different area to paint.

The logo was created by putting the letters JOTA twice, slightly offset, and then using a white blanking piece on the A to make the leading edge thinner than the trailing. The leading elements of the J were extended with primitives. Because there is no orange paint in Ferrari Challenge, the SPORT is coloured bright red.

I also used blanking pieces to get a Ferrari logo (though italicised) on the rear wing. It does seem odd that in Ferrari Challenge, there is no Ferrari logo; not the word, nor the prancing horse. The Ferrari logo is taken from the Ferrari Challenge Dealer Team GB Senna S vinyl with the appropriate bits blanked. The same idea was used for the Ferrari logo on the rear of the car.

One area where Ferrari Challenge trumps Forza Motorsport 2 in the livery editor is in its ability to paint the windows. So I placed the System 3 logo in a banner across the windscreen and a dynamic number behind the rear view mirror.

I’m extremely happy with the outcome though, ironically, the action wallpapers on the Jota Sport site appear to be, in a trick of the light, red and grey.

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