Entrapment (1999, Movie) – 4/10 review

Director: Jon Amiel
Writer (Screenplay): Ron Bass
Writer (Screenplay): William Broyles, Jr.
Writer (Story): Ron Bass
Writer (Story): Michael Hertzberg
Sean Connery: Mac
Catherine Zeta-Jones: Gin
Ving Rhames: Thibadeaux
Will Patton: Cruz
Maury Chaykin: Conrad Greene

Entrapment (1999)

In a world where trust is paramount, insurance investigator Gin Baker goes undercover to try to entrap master thief Robert "Mac" MacDougal but the wily old-timer proves to be more than she expects.


Completely run-of-the-mill and impressively unconvincing heist movie that appears to have little reason to be made other than to allow Connery to work with the gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones. Okay, that’s good enough reason for Connery to get the film made, but probably not quite a good enough reason to watch. In fact, it’s distinctly uncomfortable at times as the filmmakers insisted on the two forming a romantic relationship (age difference: 39 years). Director Jon Amiel is an average talent at best but manages to avoid his biggest normal problem, erratic pacing. The movie flies by and, while only slightly thrilling and moderately entertaining, is never boring and never spends too long doing one particular thing.

This movie contains two sexual swear words, mild swear words and maury chaykin in a loin cloth.

Classified 12 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 12 years and over.


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