Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli: Ferrari 250 GTO Dragon custom livery

Take One

Take Two


The most immediately obvious shortcoming of FCTP’s livery editor compared to the mighty goodness of Forza Motorsport 2 is the lack of gradient vinyls which are an easy and powerful way to make extremely cool paint jobs. However, concentrating on shortcomings is an easy way to become despondent and so we come to a custom livery which I thought I wasn’t capable of in an editor which I thought would not be able to produce particularly artistic imagery. The value of a positive attitude and, critically, a non-perfectionist attitude has resulted in what is probably my best original design.

The impetus is a competition to get your custom livery into Eutechnyx’s next game SuperCar Challenge. The rules are be unique and be clean. The guidelines are be innovative, cool, sophisticated and stylish rather than gimmicky. And I’ve done a dragon. Oh well. Interestingly, as an example of something that was “too off-the-wall”, Eutechnyx cited a police car design. Of which I’ve done two (a UK and a US one).

Still, I’m proud of my efforts. I found some typical dragon images on Google images to get a handle on the head. I knew I was going to go for a Chinese-style dragon with a long snout and long neck with a wing motif across the rear quarter.

One of the pre-made designs looked a bit like teeth but as I started trying to put pieces together, nothing clicked for a long time. Suddenly, there it was: a recognisable dragon head that didn’t look too rubbish or childish or malformed and I gained hope that this might turn out to be an idea I could finish.

My first attempt included yellow highlights across the rear of the car and, after seeing the car in replays, I decided to remove the yellow from the dragon wings area and replace it with dark red. When I did this, I accidentally went to the wrong area and added a vinyl to the rear window. This is FCTP’s principle area of triumph over Forza Motorsport 2: the ability to paint on the windows. I realised I could finish the wings on the rear window and make it look like the wings wrap around the rear corners of the car. Again, quite a lot of fiddling and two or three failed ideas gave way to the finished article. Things don’t quite line up perfectly if you look closely but the effect is definitely there.

So, while I might not get this into SuperCar Challenge as Eutechnyx may consider it gimmicky (or it just may not be good enough, of course), I think it’s cool and I’m really proud of the finished result.

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