Hustle 5.01 (2009,TV) – 6/10 review

Adrian Lester: Mickey Stone
Robert Glenister: Ash Morgan
Robert Vaughn: Albert Stroller
Writer: Tony Jordan
Writer (Series’ Creator): Tony Jordan
Producer: Kerry Appleyard
Director: James Strong
Writer (Original Idea): Bharat Nalluri

Hustle 5.01 Series 5 Episode 1 of 6 (2009)

Mickey returns to London to find the old team scattered and Albert in prison. Albert still has information on a potential mark, however, someone who has been making money off other’s people misery and, without noticing the hypocrisy and with a straight face, Mickey and Ash set about grifting her.


Adrian Lester returns in a reasonably fun episode but the story is transparent. The audience is in on all the plot when it should only be in on half the plot. This isn’t just because the plot is taken directly from seventies classic The Sting but because the director, James Strong, and writer, Tony Jordan, do not explain why characters Mickey and Ash do not see the tactics they themselves employ being worked against them. Treating your characters as stupid quickly leads to treating your audience as stupid and that is a big mistake. Nobody likes being called stupid. Even stupid people.

This Hustle episode contains mild adult dialogue, mild bad language and violence.


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