Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli: Ferrari 348 Challenge Splat custom livery

Take One

Take Two

I started this one knowing what colours I wanted to use and that I wanted a bright livery that would be more abstract than I normally produce. After fiddling around for a bit I came across a vinyl that, if I turned it, looked a bit like a blob of paint had splatted against the side of the car. After that it was simply a case of placing the splats with appropriate elements for the racing logo and number.

Again, FCTP’s trump card in the livery editor is the ability to paint the windows and so I had some of the splats go right across the windscreen. Naturally, I was careful to ensure that I don’t obscure the view from the cockpit.

I also made sure that the splats weren’t symmetrical and are slightly different on each each side, on each mirror, across the front bumper and across the top / hood.

My first attempt used a large gold circle for the rear quarter and, though I was happy with it, it didn’t seem quite right. I changed it to a series of paint brush style vinyls which were carefully placed to hide the orange half of the pattern.

In replays, the car looks fantastic, especially from the front and, while driving in cockpit view, you’re always reminded that you’re driving a custom livery because of the splats running over the windscreen.

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