LEGO Bionicle Heroes (2006, Game, 360) – 3/10 review

Director: Jon Burton

LEGO Bionicle Heroes (2006)

Stop the island of Voya Nui succumbing to the evils of Piraka who has used the Mask of Life to transform the wildlife into aggressive creatures. Use the masks of the Toa Inika and harness their powers to put Piraka and his minions back in their place.


Strangely, no-one seems to have told Traveller’s Tales that you can’t see what you’re doing. Which is something of a problem in a video (from the Latin "to see") game. The game design is identical to the companies’ highly successful LEGO Star Wars and one suspects that the over-the-shoulder view was introduced to make it look different and appeal to slightly older children (that is, it looks like a shooter instead of a platformer). Unfortunately, in conjunction with the already unappealing characters and pig-ugly graphics, this has made the game very unfriendly to use and not fun to play despite the strong and addictive game design buried within.

This game contains extended projectile violence.

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