Hustle 5.03 (2009, TV) – 5/10 review

Adrian Lester: Mickey Stone
Robert Glenister: Ash Morgan
Matt Di Angelo: Sean Kennedy
Kelly Adams: Emma Kennedy
Robert Vaughn: Albert Stroller
Writer: Fintan Ryan
Producer: Kerry Appleyard
Director: Julian Simpson
Writer (Series’ Creator): Tony Jordan
Writer (Original Idea): Bharat Nalluri

Hustle 5.03 Series 5 Episode 3 of 6 (2009)

With Albert due out after a parole hearing on Friday, the gang decide to pull off a nice con as a coming-out present for him. The target is a judge who is thought to have accepted a bung (but never received it) and with that, the game is on.


The entertainment value of Hustle is directly related to how Robin Hood the story is. Though this week’s ‘villain’ is crooked judge Tim McInnerny (he accepted one bung during a career renowned for delivering full verdicts) he isn’t odious enough to make the episode work. The little pieces of Albert in prison work rather better, Eddie gets treated rather better than normal and it’s still slick and quite enjoyable but, this week, inexcusable.


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