Hustle 5.05 (2009, TV) – 6/10 review

Adrian Lester: Mickey Stone
Robert Glenister: Ash Morgan
Matt Di Angelo: Sean Kennedy
Kelly Adams: Emma Kennedy
Robert Vaughn: Albert Stroller
Writer: Fintan Ryan
Writer: Marston Bloom
Producer: Kerry Appleyard
Director: Martin Hutchings
Writer (Series’ Creator): Tony Jordan
Writer (Original Idea): Bharat Nalluri

Hustle 5.05 Series 5 Episode 5 of 6 (2009)

While finishing a con as a team of lawyers, the gang are approached by the leader of a community youth centre to, in their ‘legal’ capacity, represent him in his fight to stop the building being demolished. While they don’t have the legal know-how, Mickey smells some dodgy dealing and senses a chance to exercise some justice outside the law.


I wonder how many community youth centres under threat there are because I am sure this kind of thing is always happening in TV dramas. Though it’s probably just me. Anyway, the episode itself is fine, some of the details are rather enjoyable and it’s polished, once more, to a fine sheen but the attempt at generating friction between Mickey, Sean and Emma is clumsy. It needed to start two episodes ago in order to make the events in this episode more convincing and deliver a more satisfying pay-off.

This Hustle episode contains bad language and sensuality.


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