Midnight Club: Los Angeles (2008, Game, 360) – 7/10 review

Midnight Club: Los Angeles (2008)


Good-natured open-world arcade racing game with almost no swearing (you wonder if Rockstar are proud of themselves for sneaking an F-word into an all ages games), no violence and only fun trash-talking. Handling initially feels excellent but is revealed to be a bit of a façade and, sadly, makes the driving less fun the faster the vehicle you are using. The insistence on making you map-read while you travel through the city at 200mph also repeatedly sucks the fun out of the experience and the tracks are difficult to learn (typical of open world games) but these elements are not the ones you want to take away from the game. The presentation is superb with the best night-time graphics to date. The cockpit view is usable, involving and fun; your biker’s jacket flaps in the wind (highly cool); passersby will say "Dude, checkout that car" or "Oh my God, that’s my dream car" when you’re in a nice motor; and the AI doesn’t particularly cheat. Importantly, races are always thrilling and that is the feeling you want to be left with after playing the game.


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