The Covenant (2006, Movie) – 2/10 review

Director: Renny Harlin
Steven Strait: Caleb Danvers
Sebastian Stan: Chase Collins
Laura Ramsey: Sarah Wenham
Taylor Kitsch: Pogue Parry
Toby Hemingway: Reid Garwin
Jessica Lucas: Kate Tunney
Chace Crawford: Tyler Simms
Wendy Crewson: Evelyn Danvers
Executive Producer: J.S. Cardone
Writer: J.S. Cardone

Covenant, The (2006)

The Sons of Ipswitch are four boys with supernatural powers. One of them is about to gain extra powers that comes with his eighteenth birthday in an event known as his Ascension. However, one of them appears to be addicted to using his powers and, in so doing, risks exposing them all and their lives.


I never understand the fascination of contemporary Hollywood filmmakers with making their leads charmless, bland and / or purposefully difficult to like. Or, to put it another, probably more executive-thinking way, they believe that sticking good-looking people on screen is enough and that it doesn’t matter what they do. They’re wrong. It does. Despite the audience alienating opening, The Covenant turns out to be, surprisingly, about something (it appropriately parallels power with addictive narcotics). This is the, sadly, only positive aspect of the production. Otherwise, it is oddly incompetent from a production, dialogue and acting standpoint with Wendy Crewson, in particular, embarrassing herself.

This movie contains bad language, mild swear words and extremely unpleasant scenes, extreme fantasy violence and non-sexual male and female nudity, sensuality.

Classified 12A by BBFC. Persons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


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