Crash Time aka Alarm for Cobra 11 (2007, 360) – 6/10 review

Cast / crew

Crash Time aka Alarm for Cobra 11 (2007)

German detective team Cobra 11 – Chris and Semir – crack cases and race races around two expansive areas utilising any vehicle at their disposal.


One of the main treats of Synetic games is seeing how magnificently obtuse their user interface is and Crash Time doesn’t disappoint. The menus have active items highlighted in white and inactive items highlighted in – wait for it – white. Brilliant. In-game, some of the missions become unnecessary repeat-a-thons due to the lack of an in-game map though I suppose there is a certain old-school satisfaction to trying something over and over until you get it right. This is a game where one of the in-game tips starts "Yes, that’s not fair" and, on hard, it can be maddening like few other games. However, it runs and plays smoothly and the driving model (despite diminished gravity) is fun and much better than usual for a budget game (specifically, the steering is beautifully weighted). It, unusually, has articulated vehicles and is probably the only game to feature cars towing caravans. That’s a plus point, by the way.

This game contains mild swear words.

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