House M.D. 5.15 Unfaithful (2009, TV) – 7/10 review

Hugh Laurie: Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein: Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Omar Epps: Dr. Eric Foreman
Robert Sean Leonard: Dr. James Wilson
Jennifer Morrison: Dr. Allison Cameron
Jesse Spencer: Dr. Robert Chase
Writer (Series’ Creator): David Shore
Peter Jacobson: Dr. Chris Taub
Kal Penn: Dr. Lawrence Kutner
Olivia Wilde: Thirteen
Jimmi Simpson: Daniel Bresson
Jake Thomas: Ryan
Producer: David Hoselton
Executive Producer: David Shore
Writer: David Hoselton
Director: Greg Yaitanes

House M.D. 5.15 Unfaithful (2009)

House rummages through the Emergency Room admittances to pull out a non-sick person as a fake case for reasons too complex to enunicate here. He chooses a priest who hallucinated a levitating, fully-stigmata’d Christ and is surprised as anyone when he develops another rather more serious and rather more provable symptom: the priest’s toe falls off. Now I’m not a doctor, but I’d say that’s not good.


Two good episodes in a row and, while the medical symptoms come thicker and faster than is convincing, the existentalist ponderings and emotional resonances work well. House’s games with Cuddy and Fourteen (Foreman and Thirteen) are terrific fun and you really, really want to believe that he does have best interests and right motivations at heart despite or because of what we’ve seen over these five seasons. Hugh Laurie really does add that magic quality to the words and actions that, wonderfully, make you wonder ‘what is he really thinking?’ A great thought-provoking quote from Albert Einstein ("Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous", why can’t I think of cool, meaningful stuff to say?) was a great way of summing up the episode and giving both atheist and theist something to think about.

This House M.D. episode contains adult dialogue and unpleasant scenes and sensuality.


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