Wipeout HD 1.30 crashes / freezes: Solution

Studio Liverpool released update 1.3 on PlayStation Network today which was very nice. It adds some online goodies including a new ranking progression allowing to go from Wipeout Trainee to Wipeout Legend.

However, I found that as soon as it updated. It would hard lock the PlayStation 3 when it displays the screen about saving automatically to the hard disk. Which wasn’t very nice.

The solution:

  1. Sign out of the PlayStation Network by selecting Account Management, pressing Triangle and selecting Sign Out.
  2. Start Wipeout HD 1.3 and wait until you get to the main menu.
  3. Sign back in by pressing the PlayStation Home button and selecting Sign In.
  4. Access the online modes and accept the information displayed.
  5. Come back out and get the game to save by playing something or changing one of the options.

This is not my work. I read it on the European PlayStation forums and am just highlighting it here. All credit to EU PlayStation.com member stever.

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