Enchanted (2007, Movie) – 3/10 review

Director: Kevin Lima
Writer: Bill Kelly
Amy Adams: Giselle
Patrick Dempsey: Robert Philip
James Marsden: Prince Edward
Timothy Spall: Nathaniel
Idina Menzel: Nancy Tremaine
Rachel Covey: Morgan Philip
Susan Sarandon: Queen Narissa
Narrator: Julie Andrews
Kevin Lima: Pip in New York

Enchanted (2007)

On the day she is to marry her fairy-tale prince, Andalasian commoner Giselle is pushed into the real world by the wicked Queen Narissa. Prince Edward arrives to rescue her but true love may have other plans.


So the movie opens with a chap who takes a mentally-disturbed babe back to his apartment and then insists his six-year-old daughter spend the night in his bed. Yeah, you try that. Kevin Lima’s fantasy romance has a heart-warming reputation but that wasn’t what I felt. The morals are: don’t get married after a day (dump him and marry someone else after knowing them for a day), think only of yourself (if you follow your heart it’s fine to steal someone’s else fiancée; in fact, the fiancée will appreciate it) and spend obscenely using the real magic of the credit card; at the time, of course, the Disney company motto. The only positive aspect is James Marsden’s Prince Edward with his fabulous floppy hair, irresistible grin and boundless enthusiasm ("thank you for taking care of my bride, peasants"). Alan Menken’s songs and score are notably bland, especially with the clear echo of Menken’s classic scores for The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Watch them and this back-to-back and weep for Walt.

This movie contains fantasy violence, mild fantasy peril.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.


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