Lewis 3.03 The Point of Vanishing (2009, TV) – 6/10 review

Kevin Whately: DI Robert Lewis
Laurence Fox: DS James Hathaway
Clare Holman: Dr. Laura Hobson
Rebecca Front: Ch. Supt. Innocent
Ben Aldridge: Daniel Rattenbury
Zoe Boyle: Hope Ransome
Ophelia Lovibond: Jessica Rattenbury
Jenny Seagrove: Cecile Rattenbury
Michael Simkins: Manfred Canter
Julian Wadham: Tom Rattenbury
Writer (inspired By The Original Novels By) Inspector Morse: Colin Dexter
Writer (Screenplay): Paul Rutman
Producer: Chris Burt
Director: Maurice Phillips

Lewis 3.03 Point of Vanishing, The (2009)

Steven Mullan is brutally murdered and suspicion immediately falls upon the family of a girl he disabled by driving a truck into her car. He was targeting the girl’s outspoken atheistic father, Tom Rattenbury, but the effect was equally devastating. However, the crime was compounded by the sentence. Instead of attempted murder he got sent to prison for drunk driving. Perhaps justice has finally caught up with him.


This is nearly a very good episode with lots of clues and suspects and last-minute alibis and non-alibis and intrigue but the final section is fumbled through thin writing, inadequate acting from Jenny Seagrove and obvious dramatic nonsense (for example, why does Hathaway go steaming to the swimming pool?). Kevin Whately is better here than before as he is largely not called on to display deep-seated emotion but he keeps oddly hurling words at people during interrogations and his eureka moment is, as ever, highly unconvincing. I do not think Lewis is a eureka cop and that has been a principle mistake of the producers. Lewis isn’t Morse, he isn’t maverick, he isn’t a great thinker nor should he gain inspiration from the arts. He should be methodical, meticulous and display finely-honed powers of observation. But he doesn’t.

This Lewis episode contains adult dialogue, mild swear words and strong melee violence, blade violence.


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