24 7.17 Day 7: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM (2009, TV) – 6/10 review

Kiefer Sutherland: Jack Bauer
Cherry Jones: President Allison Taylor
Annie Wersching: FBI Agent Renee Walker
Jeffrey Nordling: FBI Special Agent in Charge Larry Moss
Janeane Garofalo: Janis Gold
Carlos Bernard: Tony Almeida
Glenn Morshower: Agent Aaron Pierce
Jon Voight: Jonas Hodges
Consulting Producer: Chip Johannessen
Co-Executive Producer: Brad Turner
Writer (Series’ Creator): Joel Surnow
Writer (Series’ Creator): Robert Cochran
Writer: Chip Johannessen
Director: Brad Turner

24 7.17 Day 7: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM (2009)

Moss is forced to withdraw from Starkwood but another insider may provide visual access to the bio-weapons for Almeida. Jack starts exhibiting symptoms of his exposure but rejects a potential lifeline out of heroic stubborness. Olivia Taylor’s dastardly dealings with her reporter friend start becoming rather more complicated than she wants and so, in the middle of a national crisis, she nips out the office to try and sort him out.


This is unquestionably the worst episode of the season so far but the remainder has been so good, we’re more than willing to give it a bye. The problem is baffling non-sensical character choices. SPOILERWhy does the reporter burn all bridges with what must be the best source in the world (the US Chief of Staff)? Why does Jonas Hodges kill his Chairman of the Board? Why does the President abort the airstrike instead of quipping "You’ll find it harder to negotiate with a missile in your mouth"? Additionally, where did Larry Moss and his strike team disappear to? Did they all go down the pub? And, it has to be said, we still don’t know what Jonas Hodges is trying to accomplish here and how arranging the death of thousands of Americans including the President can possibly be advantangeous? The audience is offered a lifeline over Jack’s predicament (his imminent unavoidable death) but he refuses it. Will he die today?

This 24 episode contains mild swear words and very strong melee violence and sexuality, mild sexual nudity.


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