Lewis 3.04 Counter Culture Blues (2009, TV) – 2/10 review

Kevin Whately: DI Robert Lewis
Laurence Fox: DS James Hathaway
Clare Holman: Dr. Laura Hobson
Rebecca Front: Ch. Supt. Innocent
Helen Baxendale: Caroline
Simon Callow: Vernon Oxe
David Hayman: Richie Maguire
Anthony Higgins: Franco
Joanna Lumley: Esme Ford
Hilton McRae: Mack
Perdita Weeks: Kitten
Writer (inspired By The Original Novels By) Inspector Morse: Colin Dexter
Writer (Original Story): Nick Dear
Writer (Screenplay): Guy Andrews
Producer: Chris Burt
Director: Bill Anderson

Lewis 3.04 Counter Culture Blues (2009)

Lewis is thrilled to find an old famous rock band involved in his latest case but when a possible misdemeanour turns to murder… Man, I can’t even write it, man.


Staggeringly poor murder mystery episode that is incompetently written and directed. The cast are largely quite good, especially given the astonishing sequence of events that their characters are unconvincingly put through. At one point, Lewis name-checks Morse and his methods and proceeds to layout the suspects and victims using condiments. Morse never did that. However, it is the introduction of what appears to be a mechanical Sarlacc that proves to be the element that raises the eyebrows the most and you spend the remainder of the episode suppressing groans of dismay until it inevitably is used in the fake-exciting climax. This is an atrocious end to an otherwise decent season.

This Lewis episode contains mild swear words, adult dialogue and substance abuse and gun violence.


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